Every Dream Matters

Bethari Nindita W
2 min readDec 23, 2020

“Set your dream as high as the sky.”

It’s a sentence that is familiar to my ears and seems familiar to many people’s as well. I heard it for the first time when I was little, probably when I was in elementary school. Time passes but that sentence is still being used oftentimes. I admit that it was such an inspiring sentence at that moment, motivated me to have a big dream that seemed hard to be reached.

Time keeps running and I’m getting older. I contemplated many times about the dreams that I really wanted to achieve. I tried to remember those words and a question suddenly popped up in my mind; “What is a big dream exactly? What kind of dream that is categorized as a big dream?”.

When I was young, no one really told me what a big dream is, thus I got my own definition of it by looking at the successful figures. They have good and prestigious jobs, make a lot of money, and are acknowledged by many people. Most of the things that I saw are about material and those shaped what I thought of a big dream.

However, as I grow older, I find it more difficult to describe it in just one definition. I slowly realize that everyone has different opinions and standards of what kind of dream they consider as something extraordinary. A certain profession can be special for some people, but for some others it can be just a usual job. I think there’s no definite measure of how big one’s dream is.

“I want to sit in that office.” (pointed a certain place)

“Where? The Lost and Found Center? Why?”

“Because people always say something to you whenever you find something for them.”

“Say what?”

“They thank you. They always thank you.”

That is the conversation from one scene in my favorite drama, When the Camellia Blooms. I find that scene is touching, how something simple can be a meaningful dream to someone. Some people may find nothing is special about being an officer in Lost and Found Center, but for that person, it’s a dream that she wants to achieve.

It makes me realize even more that we can’t equate each person’s dream. Every person has different values in their lives and different things that they consider big. We just need to remember that whatever our dreams are, let’s be confidence in achieving it because every dream matters.