Bethari Nindita W
2 min readJan 11, 2021

It’s not something unusual that we will see many people set new resolutions and make new hopes when new year comes. Most of people think that new year is like a fresh start to make amend of their mistakes and achieve new things or even things that haven’t been reached in the previous year. In other words, new year is oftentimes depicted as a moment to try living a better life and become a better human being.

Many people greet new year with excitement because of the list of hopes and dreams they will begin to fulfill, but there must be those people who don’t set any new goals. Some of them may consider it only as a new title of year and nothing special about it. While some others are too afraid to have new hopes when they failed many times the year before. Too tired to be burdened by the list of things they need to reach when there’s no certainty of not getting disappointed.

Hopes can be the fuel that ignites the buried spirit inside ourselves. However, when we focus on hopes too much, they will only become pressure for us. In the end, it’s us who decide if we want to see hopes as fuel or pressure. We are also the only ones that can turn our hopes into reality.

Having hopes can feel burdensome sometimes, but… is not having them at all a better decision? Don’t you think you will instead lose your direction without hopes as your life compass?

We will get lost again at one point or another, and lingering despair will make us flop down along the way as well. But as long as we hold onto hope, nothing can break us down.

— Chocolate (2019)