The Decision

Bethari Nindita W
1 min readApr 4, 2021

For over five years, this teenage boy worked and practiced hard to achieve his dreams. At such a young age, he neither got much time to play with his school friends nor time for himself. Struggling to divide his attention between school and passion became familiar, however it never got any easier. He tried to always keep the thought of considering them as two important things in his mind. Although it means he would be covered with much sweat while other people having nice sleep.

One day, instead of choosing an easy way to reach his goal, he chose a tougher one. People looked at him in disbelief, they thought he didn’t think thoroughly and only risked himself. Their opinions about him risking his dream weren’t exactly wrong, but so was his decision. He just decided to face the challenge earlier because he knew that it’s inevitable to avoid it. Sooner or later, he will go through that bumpy road.

His bravery to take the rough path and the effort he put in improving himself apparently didn’t result in success. He felt sad about it but didn’t regret the decision which he had made. Instead, this 15-year-old boy gained new strength through the failures and critics that he got. “It was a bummer. But I won’t let myself be discouraged but keep doing my best”, he said at the end.