The Long Road

Bethari Nindita W
2 min readOct 4, 2020

I walk through the long road toward a beautiful place where the bright light exists. I honestly have no idea about what kind of place that is and what makes that place beautiful. There are so many blurry things about it but I just have the feeling that I have to go there cause I will love it. Therefore, I try to go there.

I never know this journey will take such a long time and there are so many obstacles that I have to overcome. “I just want to go home, I’m tired”, part of myself says it. But, the other half of myself tells me to keep going, how hard it is. The courage not to stop what I’ve started fills my heart, so I keep going.

Then, another dilemma comes to my mind. I don’t know how much time I will spend on this journey. I’m afraid I’ll make people who love me wait too long for my return. The fear of hurting their feelings and the uncertainty of the result haunt me as I take a few more steps forward. So I stop, cry, and ask myself “Should I really stop this time?”. But, I’m more scared that I’m going to regret the decision later on. So, I once again continue my journey.

I walk and walk. Sometimes in a slow pace, sometimes in a faster tempo, and other times I run. I’m not sure how many more steps I have to go through, but I slowly understand that I just have to enjoy this journey. Instead of keep questioning when I will arrive in the finish line, I will focus on the moment I spend day by day.

He made it. And so will you. — The Perks of Being a Wallflower